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Sandvik Ranger DX900i Spare Parts

It has an upper structure that rotates 290 degrees and a drilling area of 55 m2.

Sandvik Ranger DX900i Spare Parts

Sandvik Ranger DX900i Spare Parts

The Sandvik Ranger DX900i is a top-of-the-line top hammer drill rig that offers high performance and reliability. It is also equipped with a variety of features, such as a robust frame and hydraulic system, advanced safety systems, and an electronic control system. Additionally, the Ranger DX900i comes with a range of spare parts that are designed to increase its efficiency and productivity. The spare parts are designed to enhance the performance and increase the lifespan of the drill rig, as well as to reduce downtime. Additionally, Sandvik offers a comprehensive after-sales service, so you can rest assured that your drill rig will remain in optimal condition.

Sandvik Ranger DX900i spare parts are an important part of ensuring that the machine operates efficiently and reliably. The spare parts are designed to provide a longer service life and greater efficiency, as well as reduce downtime due to maintenance and repair costs. They are also designed to provide improved safety for personnel working with the machine, as well as reduce environmental impact. Sandvik Ranger DX900i spare parts are an important investment for any operation, as they can help reduce costs and improve performance.


Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: RD927L – RD927L-C
  • Shank: T51 – ST58
  • Hole Range: 89 mm – 140 mm
  • Diesel Motor: 210 kW
  • Compressor: 9.5m³/dk
  • Machine Weight: 19.600

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